Central New York Fabrication, LLC



We are a large dairy testing laboratory, and our operations fill a very specific niche. Because we are so specialized, it is often difficult to find products tailored to our processes. Even when we’re able to find the right products, they are often eventually discontinued leaving us to search for another solution. This was the case with hundreds of epoxy-coated steel wire vial racks. These racks could not be found for purchase any longer, nor could an exact replacement be commissioned. I searched off and on for many years for a product to replace some of our deteriorating racks with no luck.

After nearly giving up hope of finding an ideal replacement, I found CNY Fabrication. Jim, with CNY Fab was very professional and responsive. CNY Fab got all the very specific product dimensions perfectly correct with the first prototype they delivered. The racks that they were able to produce for us ended up being sturdier, more durable, and at less risk of rusting than the racks they were replacing. They also were much lighter than the old racks, which helps the ergonomics of our lab work. These racks were more than just a replacement- they were a big improvement!

It is very clear that CNY Fab values their customers and takes pride in the quality of their products and services. I would absolutely recommend working with them, and we will continue to source our replacement vial racks from them in the future.


Michelle Petrova

Lab Manager
Dairy One Cooperative, Ithaca, NY